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Innovation, design & strategy development

Innovation =
f (customer value, leadership, opportunity, ideas, entrepreneurship, ecosystems, institutions, capabilities, capital)

  • Identify and leverage the innovation functions crucial to your success.
  • Realise your organization's potential and vision through product services, customer experiences, operations and business modal innovation.

Smarketer can help organisations in many ways, whether that be connecting to the ecosystems that are important for them to succeed, identifying new revenue streams or customer value, anticipating business model disruption, or finding new ways for them to work more effectively and efficiently.

We are an independent consultancy with real world experiences and expertise in developing and delivering strategies for innovation, transformation, customer experience, operational effectiveness and efficiency, technology disruption, product services and go-to-market.

If you want the ability to successfully innovate or help to exploit innovation, we can help you.

Innovation, design & strategy development

Some of our Assignments


    capability and agility


    innovation and transformation

  • market solutions

    market solutions

  • customer experiences

    customer experiences


Organisations that innovate are more successful than those that don't, however, the innovation road has many obstacles.

Smarketer can help you navigate your innovation journey.
capability and agility


If you have a strong alignment between innovation and business strategy AND possess supportive innovation culture and capabilities you will financially outperform your less innovative peers

Let Smarketer help you position yourself for market leading performance.


This is the age of the Customer and they are pivotal to success through innovation. Engaging with your customers, understanding their needs and what they value, and building great experiences is complex and much harder than you think.

Smarketer can help you shape your innovation investment around Customer Value.


You know you must create superior value through innovative products and services that are perceived to be superior by customers. And yet knowing this, many many new products and services fail.

Smarketer can help you derive more value from your product services innovation efforts.